I am happy and grateful

I am happy and grateful that …

  • I have many friends around me
  • But even more happy to have the close ones like J, TZ, C and many more
  • A healthy family that is harmonious, peaceful, and bonded
  • Parents who dote on me, and support me for every decision I make
  • The existence of my 3 beloved toys who sleep by me every night
  • A brother who listens, understands my feelings, supports me and for being a more matured brother now
  • Good results I scored for my latest semester of University studies
  • Having all the gadgets I want/need — Iphone, Ipad, Laptop and blahblah
  • Having the access to all the nice and beautiful songs in this world
  • The existence of SNSD as my day gets brightened up each time I listen to their songs, watch their MVs, or watch any of their videos
  • The fact that SNSD is going to have a comeback soon! šŸ˜€
  • The cool apps invented, and the social network platforms created to share about my life, my thoughts and my feelings
  • The existence of technology for me to be updated about everyone I care about, and to stalk celebs! hahahha
  • Also the advanced technology that has map for a poor direction soul here
  • The existence of Google because I use it everytime I want to find out about something
  • The love for watching dramas, that taught me lessons and exposed me to the world, to everything
  • The fact that I have myopia and astigmatism that is bad and does not allow me to wear colour contact lenses but not too bad that it allows me to still wear normal contact lenses, so that I can look better
  • A nice house to live in and a cozy room to nua
  • The appetite and likings for all kinds of food for indulgence after indulgence
  • All the clothes that are jamming up my wardrobe, that reminds me that I need to get more hangers …
  • Pretty shoes I have that do not bite my feet anymore
  • The bed tray I recently bought that allow me to be lazier
  • The smart and expressive people around the world who write articles and blog about everything, that helps me to further identify my own feelings and emotions, that expose me to more intellectual thoughts, and taught me how I can express everything through writing .. Yes, I am happy and grateful for the existence of ThoughtCatalog
  • The character/personality and mindset I have, to be able to think right and act right
  • For the not very smart but also not stupid brain
  • A not bad looking face, long nice hair and a not bad looking figure hahahha ^.^ (allow me to bhb a lil)
  • The fact that I was born at Singapore, that I am living in a very safe place/country, that I can feel at ease
  • The privilege to study and get certificate after certificate that will aid in my future career
  • The opportunity to explore and to experience
  • Have all 5 senses to touch, smell, see, feel and taste

The list goes on and on … But I am most happy and grateful for the fulfilling life, healthy body, kicking and alive, that I get to sleep in peace and wake up to a brand new day every single day.

I am happy and grateful that I am happy and grateful.


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